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International Experience of Courage and Pursuit

Making friends from people all over the world, enjoying exotic food, traveling different cities and countries, learning culture and knowledge, are these your dream? The Department of Education has arranged an event, asking people that have international experience to share their thoughts. 
Lee Shawn Yuan from the class of 2016 went to Finland as an exchange. Lee enrolled 25 credits in a semester and said that he leant a lot in every courses. “Finland is not just a place for aurora lights and Santas, the academic is in good quality and they celebrate quality.” Lee said.
Su Bo Pei, also in the Department of Education, went to Netherlands for a semester. She decided to take on a different path than Lee. “I think when you go on exchange, you must know your goal.” Su said that after knowing that she is going to Netherland, she decided to go all over Europe. Hence, she spent 50 days in 15 countries. 
Wang Mu Yu, Peng Pei Tsu and Kang Wei En told everyone another path on international experience. Last year, they formed a group for the World Island Program. They visited 7 countries in Europe in 55 days. Wang said that “You can go abroad through all kinds of activities, exchange is not the only way.”
Peng said that through this journey, she knew what a team should be like. When everyone devote something, all together we can do something big. 
When being asked the greatest thing he has learned during the trip, Kang replied “culture shock and that you try to understand another culture.” Lee thinks that no matter what happened, that’s the chance to learn. He also learned to face a new day in a positive attitude. Su said that “When you are on exchange, you never know what will happen next. You might lose something, but gain something you have lost for a long time, such as time to being alone and step out of the comfort zone” She encouraged everyone to go abroad, even if you aren’t sure about your future, or you are shy, it doesn’t matter, because everyone is suitable for international experience.