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Words from President Chang for the 70th anniversary of NTNU

“Education is the ground of a nation, teaching is the most honorable occupation” the first two lyrics from the NTNU school anthem tells you about the tradition and responsibility of NTNU, a prestigious school established 70 years ago. No matter how the society changes, education will always be the source of development and school is the foundation of education in whole.
On June 5, 1946, the Taiwan Provincial College of Education was founded and took up the responsibility for renewed teacher training in the Taiwan region, located in the busy district, Guting. In the spring of 1955, in accordance with the education reforms of President Chiang Kai-shek, the Ministry of Education implemented the policy of 'Teaching resources come first, teachers to the fore'. Minister Chang Chi-tian suggested during a convening of the Executive Yuan to reorganize the college as a university. When word of the initiative spread, it received much attention and support from the public. On June 5, the college was officially reorganized as the Taiwan Provincial University of Education and three colleges - Education, Art and Science were established. In 1994, the Teacher Education Act was implemented and the government began to adopt a more diverse policy approach to teacher education. In response to this, NTNU proactively developed itself as a comprehensive university.
The school moto: sincerity, integrity, diligence and simplicity has inspired the students greatly. The hard-working attitude of “aim at absolute perfection” is the spirit of NTNU students. Now NTNU boost more than 100 thousands of alumni, who lives in Taiwan and overseas. These alumni have contribute themselves to the society, follow the school moto and become important figures of the society.
With profound history, NTNU teachers and students have performed well in aspects like Humanities, science, education, art, sports, and Overseas Chinese Language Education. After 70 years of hard work, we are one of the top universities in Taiwan. The education of NTNU is ranked 22nd among world universities, and the sport science in particular is ranked number 7 in the world.Though time and society will change, the importance of education can never be stopped. This is what support NTNU students to improve, to challenge and to lead the trend. We hope to cultivate leaders in humanity and science, conduct research that benefits the society, establish top education academic, shaping international university and construct innovative base for arts.
In the future, we will keep working on the goal of cultivating interdisciplinary leaders. We will explore new knowledge, raise skilled students, pursuit truth and benefit the whole society.Students and teachers of NTNU will devote themselves into all kinds of fields like sustainability, the secret of universe and the infinity knowledge. Let us honor the importance of education as National Taiwan Normal University.