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NTU Triangle Alliance Waves to Top Oversea students

With so many universities in Taiwan, some schools are facing losing students because the trend of fewer children and some schools are recruiting oversea students. Last year, National Taiwan University started to recruit oversea students single-handedly and moved ahead the schedule, and they saw a nice outcome. Now NTU is going to team up with National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Tamkang University, Chung Yuan Christian University and Chinese Culture University to welcome South East students.
Dean of Academic Affairs, Chen Chao Chen said that in the past, NTNU was part of united recruitment, which was late in recruitment schedule compared to other countries. Once students get accepted to schools in other countries, they will not come to Taiwan even if they got the offer. “From what we’ve seen in the past, many students, especially South East students may get admitted to NTNU. We have missed some chances of having students coming to NTNU.” Now we move the schedule ahead to January so that students can have more options. Many universities have spots open for oversea students but half of it was left unregistered. For example, we have 170 spots for foreign students and oversea Chinese students but only 50 % of the foreign students enrolled in the course. We hope through recruiting students independently can we attract more oversea students.
Chen stated that the tuition of Taiwanese universities are competitive. We also offer courses in nice quality, similar to Western universities. National Taiwan University is ranked 70th in QS ranking. NTU leads all other schools to recruit students in South East Asia in respond to the impact of fewer children trend.