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UC Berkeley Came to NTNU


NTNU is to cooperate with University of California, Berkeley for a top researcher project. Not only Professors from UC Berkeley came but also scholars from Princeton University and Stanford. The scholars visited NTNU on March 24th and had a whole hearted conversation with President Chang.
The visiting professors includes the Professor Jeffery R. Long, Professor Christopher J. Chang, Professor Dean Toste from College of Chemistry and Professor Hongjie Dai from Stanford University, professor Haw Yang from Princeton University. They will attend the seminar “Recent Progress of Renewable Energy – Co2 Storage and Conversion” cooperated by the Chemistry Department and the Academia Sinica. Dean of Supervise and synthesize all office affairs, Wu Chau Ron, Dean of College of Science, Chia Chih Ta and President Chang all welcomed the visitors.
Both parties showed great expectation during the meeting. According to President Chang, NTNU has been doing well in internalization with 313 sister schools around the world. There are many activities between departments as well. We expect that through this project, NTNU students can know more about UC Berkeley.
The meeting is joyful and relaxed. Visiting scholars said that they are really impressed by the campus and atmosphere of NTNU. They also showed great interest of Mandarin Training Center. President Chang said that MTC has 60 years of history. As one of the best Chinese teaching center in Asia, students can learn how to speak Chinese in one year. He also invited the professors to learn Chinese, adding humor in the meeting.