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Aluma Keng Li Stands on the Stage of Rome


Italy is home to operas. When speaking of opera singers, what comes to your mine? It seems that Caucasian people are more privileged to sing because of their physical strength. However, an aluma of NTNU, Keng Li, is now becoming part of the opera world in Rome, Italy. Keng Li, now 30, has lived in Italy for 7 years. It’s not easy for a music student to stand on stage in Italy. 
Keng Li is from Kaohsiung. She has been learning piano, flute and vocal since little. After graduated from the Music Department of NTNU, she continued her study in Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. Weeks ago, Keng was just awarded the first prize in the International vocal competition. In 2015, she was the leading protagonist of Madame Butterfly in Bucharest National Opera House. 
What we learn is the culture of other country, which is rooted in their body. It’s not easy to learn it plus the boundaries of language. In Taiwan, we aren’t used to show our emotions. People here in Italy have very strong emotions shown.
Keng said “In this year only, I might have joined 8 contests. The reason is that agencies may see me in these contests, I might get a chance to be connected to agencies or even having concerts. I’ve learned that now the prizes of the contests aren’t my priorities. You have to be seen, to be discovered. That’s what matters the most.”
Through contests after contests, Keng tried hard to make herself seen. She was in the Mondial Chinese Vocalist Concours Taipei in 2005, but now she has made it to the world stage.