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Alumnus Linghu Talks to NTNU

The alumnus of English Department, Deputy Foreign Minister Bruce Linghu came to NTNU in April to share with us his career path and hoped that students interested in foreign affairs can learn more about the profession.
Deputy Foreign Minister Bruce Linghu said that he loves teaching, but the key reason for him to change his career path is that he once joined an international cooperation event when he was in NTNU. From that, he discovered his interest in foreign affairs. Another reason is that he wished to embrace challenge, and teaching is pretty much a stable job. He wanted to walk out of his comfort zone, so he entered the Civil Service Special Examination and that leads him to what he is today. 
When speaking of the requirement of a diplomat, Deputy Foreign Minister Bruce Linghu said that language is very important. In addition to English, Chinese shouldn’t be neglected. It’s essential for a diplomat to have great communication skills. When in free time, students should seize the time to learn what’s happening in the world. International law, International economics and International trade are highly recommended subjects for those who are eager to go on a diplomatic career path.  
A student asked him about his opinion on working holidays. Deputy Foreign Minister Bruce Linghu said that the intention for the Minister of Foreign Affairs was to give opportunities for less privileged young people to go abroad. What’s more important is that you have to know what you have in mind as a goal, instead of spending all your time on working holiday. Last, he told all the students that, as long as you are clear about your goal and you are determined, you will achieve a fruitful result.