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International Symposium on Advancement In NTNU

International Symposium on Advancement of 21st Century Competencies in East Asian Education Systems was held in NTNU on April 23rd. K-12 Education Administration and NTNU are organizers. In the 21st century, we are having drastic changes of politics, economics, society and culture. It’s time to think what key requirements future citizens need that can prepare them for a challenging future. 
In this seminar, there are two round table meetings. Three experts with different countries and backgrounds will take about core competencies as well as the topic of teaching and evaluation in the 21st century. The Dean of the Department of Education Sharon Hsiao-Lan Chen hoped that we can learn from other countries throw this seminar. 
Vice President of the Open University of Hong Kong, Lee Wing-on, emphasized that we must cultivate the ability to adept and the ability to change. 
Dr. Ovid J.-L. Tzeng said that from the perspective of evaluation, human can think of much more complicated ways to solve problem through the process of learning. In the speech, he said that one of the facets of the competencies is to be prepared for future problems. It’s not only for problems at the moment, we have to face challenges ahead.