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NTNU Got 118 Medals in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

The National Intercollegiate Athletic Games hosted by National Taitung University ended on May 4th. NTNU boosts 40 gold medals, 40 silver medals and 38 copper medals, accomplishing the goal of 40 golden medals. The Universiade Taipei 2017 will be held next year and National Taitung University hand over the authority to National Taiwan University.
The track and field team of NTNU got 9 golden medals, 1 medal less than that of last year. 5 golden ones in swimming. Chang Kuo Chi broke the record by 22.99 seconds in the 50 meters free style. Wu Chun Feng achieved three outstanding records in 50 meters breaststroke, breaking his own record by 28.53 seconds. 
When speaking of the total medal earned per school, National Taiwan Sport University tops the list with 54 golden medals, 39 silver ones and 30 copper medals. NTNU comes to the third. National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport got 240 medals in both athletic competitions with 45 golden medals, 55 silver medals and 49 copper ones whereas NTNU got 231 medals, followed by National Taiwan Sport University with 227 medals, University of Taipei with 194 medals and NTU with 133 medals.