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International Cultural Week at NTNU

The annual international culture week is back! This year, we have as much as 26 booths representing 18 countries from students or institutes from a certain country. You can enjoy authentic exotic food or experience a foreign culture in booths here and there. Indonesian students from NTUST dance on stage happily despite the hot summer. 
William M. Tapia, the Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua and Mary Anne, the Sioco Information Officer of Manila Economic and Cultural Office all showed up as distinguished guests. Mary Anne told us that she has studied Chinese in MTC and she really enjoy the cultural classes like dragon boat rowing and beef noodle cooking. She praised about the internationality of NTNU, hoping that she can promote more Philippine culture in the future. 
Vice President Wu said that in recent year, NTNU have worked hard on recruiting foreign students and strengthen cooperation. It’s expected the NTU system can recruit international students together. 
Last year, there were only 13 countries but the number increased to 18 this years. You can get empanada from Argentina, curry fish balls from Hong Kong, crepe from French and coconut ice from Philippine all at NTNU International culture week. Students from Malaysia and Vietnam wears their traditional cloths and Henna from India is the most popular booth for girls. 
In reply, the chair of the event, Lo Yen Ting and Lin Row Fu said that this year marks the 70th birthday of NTNU, so we have a longer cultural week. Although the booths only last for three days, there are lots of activities to be held in June, for example, the singing contests for foreign students 
In addition to booths selling mouthwatering food, there’s an eating competition. Contestants devour burgers and cookies. One student said that it’s her first time joining an eating competition, and she hope that the cultural week can last longer next year. The Office of International Affairs will host an International University Presidents' Forum on 2nd of June and a graduation evening gala for foreign students on 17th of June.