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NTNU Aids Students for APhO and Brings 3 Gold

The result of Asian Physics Olympiad 2016 came out on 6th of May. Under the training of professors from NTNU, the Taiwanese team bring back 3 golden medals, 1 silver medal, 3 copper medals and 1 honorable mention. Among 27 countries and regions and 193 students, Taiwan is ranked only second to China. 

The team of Taiwan was selected from 2664 students. There are 8 students in the final list. The leader of the team, Professor Chia Chih Ta from NTNU says that the host university, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is very good at designing the exams creatively. The hardest part is mechanics and the experiment is about optics, which takes lots of time to analyze because there’s lots of data.   
Prof. Chia said that Hsu Fang Tsi, the gold medal winner from Ching Cheng High School, is a stable student. He knows a lot of the theory, but didn’t have much chance to do experiment and that’s why he didn’t make it to the finalist last year. There’s not much chance to do experiment at school, so he suggested his school to buy some equipment and he made good use of them. Other two winners, Lu Chia Hsuan from National Wu-Ling Senior High School and Tsai Pei Kai from Taipei Municipal High School are good at experiments. 
Taiwan has joined APhO since 2000 and has got excellent remarks. Up to this point, we have got 57 golden medals, 40 silver medals and 33 copper. In average, Taiwan is ranked the second and has made it to the top in 2001, 2003 and 2010.