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NTNU Presents Alumni Card for its 70th Anniversary

Founded in 1946, National Taiwan Normal University is going to celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. From May 12th, a series of celebration event will come one by one. This year, NTNU is going to release its alumni card for the first time, and invited 110 thousands alumni around the world to apply the card for free. The chairman of the alumni association, former president of the Executive Yuan, Wang Jin Pyng, writer Hsiao Yeh and Anchor Liu Ying Show to promote the alumni card.
The slogan of this year’s anniversary is “Joining the world at 70th, welcoming the coming of 100th”. The logo is a flying 70. Vice President, Cheng Chih Fu, is the convener of the event preparation. Cheng said that from Taiwan Provincial College to National Taiwan Normal University, the school has different goal at different times. NTNU boasts 110 thousands alumni from the past 70 years. The alumni are active not only in the education filed but also in all kinds of subjects. They contribute to the school, the society and the country. It’s all because of the alumni that makes NTNU what we are today.
Since last year, NTNU started to hold a series of activities, including the most popular PE performance, one of the important events that attracts massive audiences every year. This year, the topic is “I move, therefore I am”. Physical Education Department and Athletic Performance Department will present some fancy sports and shows to let the audience know their passion for sports. Today, these students showed us some street dance, martial arts and Tai Kuan Dao to warm up the event.
In order to connect alumni and school, NTNU presents a burgundy red alumni card, with an image of the NTNU gate. The characters “Shi Da Ren” are written by former president Liu Chen. Alumni like former President Wang Jin Pyng, writer Hsiao Yeh and Anchor Liu Ying Show came to NTNU today to speak for the alumni card.
With this card, you can enjoy the resources in NTNU, including the swimming classes, entering the library and 10% off for NTNU souvenirs and discounts for NTNU accommodation and discounts for further studies. The first two years are free of charge, starting from the 3rd year, a 500 NTD fee will apply. There are various discounts from the shops in the NTNU area.
Here is the link for application, which will start working after June 3rd.
Chairman Wang Jin Pyng said that, because of this year marks the 70th anniversary, there will be a catering banquets in the campus at noon, June 4th. There will be around 100 tables in the campus with outstanding alumni. Folk songs and jazz music will be performed onstage.