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60-year-old MTC, Legacy and Innovation

The Mandarin Teaching Center was founded by the Dean of Liberal Arts Liang Shiqiu in 1956. Decades later, MTC has become one of the most prestigious mandarin learning center in the world. Thousands of students come here for authentic mandarin learning and MTC is the top choice when thinking of learning Chinese. 
This year marks the 60th anniversary of MTC, what’s the better way to celebrate this then a seminar? The topic of the seminar is “Contemporary Chinese Teaching and Learning: Legacy and Innovation” and we can explore the heritage of Chinese teaching and its outlook. 
The seminar will take place at Bo-ai building on 28th and 29th of May. Many distinguished guests show up like Dr. Axel Schneider, Board Director of the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies in the University of Gottingen and Dr. Claudia Ross from the Sul Ross State University, the founding professor or the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as Second Language Deng Shou Xin, Professor Chang Li from Peking University. 
Many outstanding alumni from MTC came to celebrate with us, like Timothy Berge, General Manager of ICRT, Prof. Whitney Dilley from Shih Hsin University, Prof. Nishihara Hiroyuki from Meiji Gakuin University and Luke Deming, a graduate student in the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation. Current and former directors of MTC joined the seminar to discuss about the past and the future. 
Director Shen Yung Cheng said that” 60 years is an important accomplishment, we hope that the initial spirit of MTC will last forever and the legacy of MTC will go on.”
The link for the 60th year celebration seminar website is as follow: