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The International Top University President’s Forum in NTNU

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of NTNU, the Office of International Affairs invites the school sisters and presidents from the NTU System for the International Top University President’s Forum on June 2nd. The topic is to discuss the role Asia plays at the 21st century in the global higher education scene so that we can have an insight for long term development. Professionals and presidents gathered together and delivered a fruitful discussion.
President Yang Pan-Chyr from NTU, President Liao Ching Jong from NTUST, Vice-Chancellor Pro. Harlene from the University of Otago, the oldest University in New Zealand, Dr. Vladimir Vasilyev from ITMO University and the Vice President Tsou of Beijing Normal University. 
President Chang said that this year is the 70th Anniversary of NTNU, 70 year is not a short time. It’s long enough for a person to grown mature and gain wisdom. A school like NTNU has witness the history of education, accumulate experience and culture. NTNU has created an outstanding and impressing achievement.
NTNU recently received a silver award from 2015 QS-APPLE as the Best International Website Page, being the first university in Taiwan that won the title.
The NTU Triangle was established last January, introducing a new chapter to the higher education of Taiwan. National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology are members of this group. In the future, the schools will recruit students together, share the courses together and to become more competitive on the international stage. Students can share the resources, courses, libraries, discounts in all of these schools. 
In March 2016, the name is officially changed to NTU System. All kinds of innovative ways of cooperation are introduced, hoping to improve the teaching and research quality of the professors. 
There are two main topics in this forum. In the morning, the topic is about how to strengthen the cooperation between schools and subjects. The NTU System is a good example and the problems the administrators are facing is worth debating. In the afternoon, the topic is about the cultivation of students in this internationalized higher education. President Yang said the NTU System plans to set up a branch at South East Asia, students can take basic courses at their local areas and come to Taiwan for their third year. International Programs such as engineering related subjects will be provided. A Malaysian overseas Chinese is willing to donate the land for the branch of NTU System.