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Alumni at the Luncheon for NTNU’s Birthday

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of National Taiwan Normal University, there’s a grand luncheon on the 4th of June. Faculties and alumni all gathered in the gymnasium, nearly 1000 people presented, enjoying their good time at NTNU.
The chairman of the alumni association, former president of the Executive Yuan, Wang Jin Pyng Wang said that from the experience of the last few years coming to NTNU, he saw the growth of the school. Apart from the strong theoretical background, the school is moving toward multi dimension and students are becoming more outgoing and active. Wang said that, although NTNU has become a comprehensive university, the teacher’s program is still our strength. NTNU has great potential to become a top university and he wishes that NTNU alumni can become leaders of the society in the future. 
Office Manager of Nahshan life Insurance Company, Wang Wen Lin said that this was his first time coming to NTNU alumni event after graduating from EMBA in 2014. He is glad that NTNU is growing prosperously. When he was at school, he learned very useful skills that he can apply on his work. 
Lee Ya Li, graduate from Chinese Department in 1970, is now living in the states after she left NTNU. This year, she came all the way from South California and even invited her classmates to join her. She talked a lot about her college life, for example, she wore a piece of chipao for her practicum at school before going to Hao Ping junior high school and her professor left a good impression on her. 
The host of the event, Anchor Liu Ying Show, also graduated here said that alumni all around the world will not forget NTNU, a place that we stayed 4 years. We must not forget out dream and youth, and no matter how busy you are, don’t forget to support NTNU.