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Singaporean Students Finished the Practicum and Earned Friendship

The Practicum Assessment Meeting and the Closing ceremony of students from National Institute of Education from Singapore was held separately in Gu Ting Elementary and Bailing High School on June 3rd. Teachers from NTNU and for the schools all said some encouraging words and greeted the students. They are, Chung Bi Huei, Wu Han Hsin, Liu Chin Lin, Wang Tsu Chuen, Choy Bing Han and Ricky Rueban. 
This year, National Taiwan Normal University is cooperating with National Institute of Education from Singapore for the second time, sending 6 students to Taiwan for a 5-week program. In return, 6 students from NTNU will be sent to Singapore in July and August for an inspirational and education exchange experience. 
Professor Chen Liao An, one of the professors in this program said that we can learn from other’s experience. It’s a great opportunity to look what we need in the teacher’s training program by cooperating with the Singaporean one. He is impressed that students stayed calm when demonstrating teaching while an earthquake came. 
Chung Bi Huei said that he leaned a lot from the experience itself, but what he cherishes more is all of the people he met in this program. Wu Han Hsin said that being a student teacher of a class is a good way to learn the course planning in Taiwan. Liu Chin Lin said that she tried many new things in Taiwan. It’s clearly seen that student are sad about leaving Taiwan and Gu Ting Elementary school. Some of them even cried when said goodbye to the students. 
At the end of the closing ceremony, bother schools give students some souvenirs representing Taiwan. Although the 5-week practicum was over, their friendship remains.