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Completion Ceremony of DPPOCS in 2016

 In the class of 2016, there are students from 18 countries in The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students and mostly are from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Indonesia. Some even come from South Africa and Brazil, with an increasing number of students from Vietnam. To give them a special, multi-cultural completion ceremony, the ceremony is held outdoors and there’s another one at night. President Chang Kuo En, Deputy Minister of Overseas Community Affairs Council Tien Chiu-chin, and the Section Chief of the Ministry of Education, Liu Su Miao all sent their greetings to the students who complete their studies. 

This year there are 1,015 students that complete their studies in DPPOCS. The Chair of the Oversea Chinese Student Association, Chen Kai Wen said that he in representative of all students, wants to thank the school for a nice environment as well as the lessons from the teachers. He is also happy that there are some extra curriculum for him to relax when feeling stressed. He wishes that all the students can get into their ideal universities and departments. 
This completion ceremony is the most special one among the years. Several performances provided by students from different countries add color to the ceremony. The guests are impressive about this different completion ceremony. However, due to its natural constraint, there’s no air conditioning outdoors and the weather is way too hot.  
Some sang Cantonese songs, English songs. Student from Myanmar and Indonesia showed their traditional songs and dances. Malaysian students filmed a video for memorizing their days at DPPOCS. The dance from the dance club is very eye catching. Last, the student’s association presented a film that dedicate to all students, and the completion ceremony ended in everyone singing together. 
The aboriginal dancing and campfire were canceled. One student, Liu Xia Tung really likes the whole event, especially the part where teachers greet everyone and shed light on their lives. Another student, Yao Shin Yang likes the show by students. Some feel pity about the canceling of the campfire.