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2016 International Top University Basketball Tournament in July

Last year, NTNU almost keep the tournament in Taiwan and lost by 1 point. This year, the 2016 International Top University Basketball Tournament will be held at the sports hall from July 13th to 17th. Outstanding players from Canadian, Japanese, South Korean and other universities will come for the championship and the women’s team is added to the game.
Two years ago, NTNU and I-Shou University were banned for competition because of their violence in the game. The school is trying to let the students join all kinds of games. Last year, NTNU held an Asian Top University Basketball Tournament and invited the team from I-Shou University to come.
The second tournament will soon take place. What’s special this year is that the University of British Columbia, a school with athletic sports team, will come to
Taiwan for the tournament.
The men’s team is composed of students from the University of British Columbia, Beijing Tsinghua University, Chung-Ang University, Nagoya University, NTU System, National Taiwan Normal University, Beijing Normal University. The women’s team is from Korean University Star team, University of Tsukuba, NTU System and NTNU. Korean University Star team is made up of top basketball players from six universities in Korea. It will be a highly competitive competition, because all of the teams are elites from their countries!