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NTNU Has the Highest Acceptance Rate for 2016 Youth Ambassadors

The 2016 International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program just announced the list of members. Among 100 students, 12 of them are from NTNU, making NTNU the school that enjoys the highest acceptance rate this year. President Chang met the Youth Ambassadors of NTNU on June 21st, giving them the flag of NTNU. 
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sponsored the Youth Ambassadors Program since 2009. This program, which allows talented Taiwanese youth to participate in international affairs and broaden their horizons, has increased understanding of our country’s development among various sectors of the host countries. In addition, through a wide array of exchanges and interactions, the Youth Ambassadors have demonstrated Taiwan’s important role on the international stage as a provider of humanitarian aid, promoter of cultural exchanges, and standard bearer of Chinese culture.
Chief Secretary Lin An Pan said that there are many good students that join youth ambassador. He once lead the team to Mongolia. Lin wishes more students from NTNU can register for the program in the future. Retired Professor Mai Hsiu Ying from the Department of Physic Education said that she has helped trained those students for years. It will be a hard time, but as long as you put much effort and endure, you can surely gain a wonderful experience. 
Three weeks of hard practice combined with a three-week tour created a precious summer experience for all the participating student ambassadors. Course are related to performing arts, dancing, verbal training, international relations and so on. The students will be divided into 5 groups and travel in various places in the world for 3 week starting from September.