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Result of 2016 International Top University Basketball Tournament

The 2016 International Top University Basketball Tournament started a fierce completion here at NTNU. In addition to the local team, elite players from Canada, South Korea, Japan and China all can’t wait to be in the game and the women’s team is added this year. While the players are making friends through games, it’s a good oppturrunity to sharpen their skills for the Summer Universidae in 2017.
The men’s team is composed of students from the University of British Columbia, Beijing Tsinghua University, Chung-Ang University, Nagoya University, NTU System, National Taiwan Normal University, Beijing Normal University. The women’s team is from Korean University Star team, University of Tsukuba, NTU System and NTNU. Korean University Star team is made up of top basketball players from six universities in Korea. It will be a highly competitive competition, because all of the teams are elites from their countries!
The assistant coach, Mr. Shih said that it’s very helpful for the players to compete with foreign players. The competition is better than training sessions. It’s possible that the international tournament will become an annual event. This year, women’s team is added. The coach for women’s team Ms. Liang said that it’s great opportunity to compete with players from different country in Taiwan. She thanked NTNU for arranging this event and emphasized that the team will appear in their best shape, learn from other teams and prepare for the summer training. Also, she hoped there would be another tournament next year. 
Vice President Cheng Chi Fu said that NTNU not only did well on the field, the research of sport science is one of the top of the world. Last year, the first evaluation for sports science and physical education came out and NTNU received excellent marks in the three categories of teaching, researching and competition. 
NTNU has established an important position for the past 70 years
The final results are as follows, the women’s team of NTNU got the championship while the men’s team become the third, second to Chung-Ang University and the University of British Columbia.