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Taiwan Team Goes to Hungary For Shuttleball, Sepak Takraw and Shuttlecock.

Taiwan Team goes to Hungary for a friendly competition for Shuttleball, Sepak Takraw and Shuttlecock. The game was on June 18th to 19th .The team of Taiwan is made up with students from NTNU and other different schools. During the game, both parties showed exquisite skills, brining honor to their countries. And the result? Taiwan outdebated Hungary on shuttleball and Sepak Takraw whereas the Hungarians do better on Shuttlecock.
The game between Taiwan and Hungary all thanks to Chinese Taipei Shuttleball Federation, which just started this January. The federation not only promote the original Taiwanese shuttleball in Taiwan and abroad, they also trained some talented players to join the competition held by International Shuttlecock Federation and won remarkable results. The players thus become friends with the counterparts in Hungary. 
This time, the General Secretary of the International Shuttlecock Federation, Janos Feher invited the shuttlecock team from Taiwan as well as the shuttleball and Sepak Takraw teams. It’s hoped that through these different sports by foot, both sides can learn from each other and foster relationship between the two countries. 
The Chiese Taipei SepakTakraw Fedration was founded only 8 years ago. It’s now actively promoting SepakTakraw, a sport originated from South East Asia. There’s a SepakTakraw Tournament held in Thailand every year, and the Taiwanese team have been doing well in the game, boasting Golden Medals for a double match and a group game. The team is especially grateful for the companies that supported that and hope to work together in the future.