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Women’s Archery Team Grabbed Bronze at Olympic 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic women's archery team competition was held on August 8 morning and 4 finals defeated Italy and grabbed the bronze medal. This is the first medal for Chinese Taipei in group game and also the first one after 12 years since 2004 Olympics at Athens. Graduate School student Le Chien Ying from the Department of Athletic Performance are one of the team, along with Tan Ya Ting and Lin Shih Chia.
Chinese Taipei Team first encountered Mexico at quarter final and won with a close call. Soon, the Taiwanese team ended up at semifinal. Nevertheless, when facing the Korean Team which has been winning 8 years in a row, the team lost. Finally, it won the Italians and got the Bronze medal by 5:3.
Le Chien Ying is now studying at NTNU. She has won herself some medal in previous games like 2016 and 2015 World Game. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed for her country in the women's team event and women's individual event.
Except Le Chien Ying, four other students also joined the Rio 2016 Olympic, they are Wei Chun-heng at the man’s archery, Yu Ai-wen at Women's 25 meter air pistol, Wu Chia-Ying at Women's 25 meter air pistol and Chuang Chia-chia at taekwondo. Let us cheer for these outstanding contestants and wait for their results!