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Science Talented Students Talks about Future at NTNU

The Asia-Pacific Forum for Science Talented (APFst) forum was carried out on July 23rd at the Gongguan brand of NTNU. The topic of this forum is “problem Solving of Future Scientists” and everyone seems to enjoy the event confidently.
The host is Associate Professor Lee I Ming from Natioanl Taipei University. He is positive about this event and thinks that it not only brings talented youth together but also gives them a chance to learn from each other.  
There are two groups, one is practical and the other is theoretical. The practical group has to think how to use and conserve energy with the materials provided. They visited a green building in Yilan on July 21st and it gives them some inspiration on the project. One of the groups designed a “smart window”, which is a window like solar panel that rotates as the sun moves like a sunflower. 
The theoretical groups have to think about the possible damage of this advanced world after we keep developing the energy. Group Human Physique and Gravity talked about how to adapt to the new environment and temperature once we immigrate to other planets. Group The Dangers of Radio Wave discussed the idea of a cloth that can resist radio waves that will be spread all around the environment in the future. 
Chen Meng Fu from Tainan said that his group talked about the food waste of future world. They wanted to reorganize the food waste with the help of a 3D printer. Chen suggested to students who are interested in this event that you should at least be able to communicate with other students, collect information and recreate it. 
Yan Yi Cheng from Singapore said that he joined this event because he is interested in science and he wanted to go abroad to make friends and share his ideas. He speaks both Chinese and English so he sometimes serves as an interpreter, which is a really nice experience. There’s only one day and a half to prepare for the presentation and all the members are focused in the discussion and it was a lovely experience.