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Prof. Sheu Tian Ming Appointed as the President of National Academy for Educational Research

The Handover Ceremony of the President of National Academy for Educational Research was held on August 1st. Minister Pan was presented and the new President is Prof. Sheu Tian Ming from the Department of Education, NTNU. 
The Minister of Education, Pan Wen Chung said that in recent years we can see that there are many challenges ahead of domestic education, but we also have many innovative educational concept that comes up. With these new educational import, it might as well be a method to solve the problem. For example the online learning platform MOOCs. This innovative technology could expand educational in a digital innovation trend, flipping the classroom. These innovative ideas or models are to be discussed in the future. It’s for the National Academy for Educational Research to analyze and raise policies. In the past, Prof. Sheu has worked with new education policy as well as the implementation of rural education. He has a full comprehensive knowledge of such issue. Pan believes that he can successfully lead the Institute as the think tank of Taiwan.
The new President, Prof. Sheu Tian received his Educational PhD from Columbia University and has served as the Director of the Graduate Institute of Education & Graduate Institute of Multicultural Education at National Hualien University of Education, Chair of the Department of Education and Director of the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation at National Taiwan Normal University. In August 2013, he became the Dean of College of Education and contribute himself into academic development and enhance the quality of teaching.
With Prof. Sheu’s long-term dedication to the education field and his abundant experience in academic and administrative works, we believe that he can lead the National Academy for Educational Research into a new level.