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Taiwan Scores 1 Gold and 2 Silver 1 Bronze at 2016 iGeo

Team of Taiwan did well at 2016 iGeo, taking 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal and the group ranking is number 5th in the world. The 13th International Geographic Olympiad was held in Beijing from August 16th to 20th. A total of 45 teams, 173 contestants joined the competition. Yao Yung Ruei the gold medalist said that he has been fascinated with maps and globe since little. He know how big the world is through leading geography. All Taiwanese representatives agreed that you need acquire comprehensive knowledge for iGeo, which includes history, biology, earth science as well as logistic thinking, English reading and writing.
Since 2002, the Geography Society of China located in Taipei has held a Geographic Olympiad for high school students. This is an annual competition to select reserves for iGeo. The training and attending the competition was by the Department of Geography, NTNU.
The International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) is an annual competition for the best 16 to 19 year old geography students from all over the world. Students chosen to represent their countries are the very best, chosen from thousands of students who participate enthusiastically in their own National Geography Olympiads. The iGeo consists of three parts: a written test, a multimedia test and substantial fieldwork requiring observation, leading to cartographic representation and geographical analysis. The program also includes poster presentations by teams, cultural exchanges, and time for students to get to know their fellow students and explore the host city.
The iGeo started in 1996 and was held once in two years. Since 2012, the competition was held every year. The test is composed of three parts, Fieldwork Exercise and Written Response Test both accounts for 40% and Multi-media Test accounts for 20%. All test are conducted in English. What’s makes is different from other Olympiad is that contestants should have advanced English skills as well as logistic thinking. 
Professor Shen Su Min from NTNU stated that the geographic education of Taiwan from K7 to K12 is very comprehensive. She is grateful that many organization like
Ying Non Profit Organization and Garmin Taiwan are willing to sponsor the students. This year, the Olympiad for high school student will be held at National Kaoushung Normal University in October and the competition for Junior and younger is taking registration. For more information, please visit