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NTNU Goes to South East Asia for Students

In respond to the New Southbound Policy, Vice President of NTNU, Wu Cheng Chih led a group to Surabaya and Yogyakarta for the 2016 Taiwan Higher Education Exhibition in Indonesia-NTU System. This is the first time for the NTU System to recruit oversea. It’s hoped that this exhibition can attract local students to NTU System.
Tony Lee, the representative in Indonesia of the Ministry of Education said that Yogyakarta is a famous university city in Indonesia. Local students and teachers can know more about higher education in Taiwan through this education event, creating more possibilities of connection and understanding. Director of Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Surabaya, Jeffery Hsiao, said that since the trade office set up in Surabaya, their main business was about developing economic and trade relations and tourism with eastern Indonesia, with particular emphasis on the educational and cultural exchanges. This was the first time for the trade office to hold an educational exhibition, in accordance with the concrete exchange program for the new Southbound Policy to attract outstanding Indonesian students to come to Taiwan to study. 
During the exhibition, Vice President Wu and Dean Cheng Chin Pao of the College of Technology and Engineering, Vice Dean Lia Po Sen of the College of Liberal Arts, Director of the Department of Physics, Liu Hsiang-Lin, Director of the College of Management, Hsu Mei and other administrators of the Office of International Affairs all came to the exhibition to meet future students. 
The visiting groups also went to the University of Indonesia to work on bilateral cooperation. Both parties hope that they can sign MOU and conduct cooperation program in the future. 
The 2016 Malaysian Taiwan Higher Education Exhibition start in Kuala Lumper on August 5th. Vice President of the Office of International Affairs, Yu Kuang Chao led a group of administrators to the open ceremony. The exhibition will later take place at Penang and Kota Kinabalu.
Now Malaysian students has the highest percentage among foreign student of NTNU. In the exhibition, the music department, business administration department, design department and fine arts department are mostly interesting to Malaysian students. The Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities also gave NTNU the honor of certificate because NTNU has been attending the higher education exhibition for 10 years in a row. 
For the past ten year, many presidents, vice presidents, administrators have dedicated to this even wholeheartedly. This honor of certificate can show that NTNU has put a lot of effort into recruiting students overseas.