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Taiwan ranks No 1 for 10 Years in International Earth Science Olympiad

The Taiwan team, trained by professors of NTNU, had a good showing at the International Earth Science Olympiad hosted in Japan from 20 to 27 August. A total of 26 countries and 100 participants are in this game. The Taiwan team got o four gold and ranked number 1 in the world. Huang Chia Kuan from Taipei Fuhsing Private School personally has the highest ranking, and other three students also ranked within the top 5. Since the beginning of this competition, which was in 2007, Taiwan has stayed top 1 for the 10th consecutive year with 29 gold and 11 silver.
Professor Chun-Yen Chang from NTNU and other professors are responsible for training the students. 483 students came for the first round selection. Professor Lin Pay Liam from National Central University is the leader, Professor Mii Horng Sheng from NTNU is vice leader. 
The four Taiwanese gold medal winners were Huang Chia Kuan from Taipei Fuhsing Private School, Chen Yun Chung from National Taichung First Senior High School, Hsu Yu Lun from Tainan First High School and Liu Juo Yu from Taipei First Girls High School.
Huang has been interested in science since little, so he read intensively to self-study. After high school, he attend all kinds of competition, especially math and science competition. Before he goes to competition, he will go to the library to search for information. 
To recognize students’ outstanding performance, the MOE formulated and issued special regulations. Those who win a gold medal can be automatically admitted into related university departments, or recommended for admission to any department. In addition, Golder medalist will receive a 200,000 NT dollar scholarship; those who win a silver medal will receive a 100,000 NT dollar scholarship; and those who win a bronze medal will receive a 50,000 NT dollar scholarship. A student who wins two or more different awards during the same academic year can only apply for the most valuable scholarship he or she qualifies for.
The team is scheduled to come back to Taiwan on August 31st. The next International Earth Science Olympiad will be held France and Taiwan will continue to keep up with the excellence performance.