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The Opening of the Head Office of NTU System

National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology started the NTU System, which was approved by the Minister of Education in March 2016. President Yang, Pan Chyr was the first president of NTU system and Vice President Chang Ching Ray will be the first CEO. On September 12th, the opening ceremony of the head office was held in NTU. 
The three universities are top universities in Taiwan that locates in Da-an district. The authorities signed a primary agreement in 2014 and once vice president from each school form a working group. In January 2015, NTU Triangle Alliance was established. Three schools have worked together with positive feedbacks and all of us know that in this face paced world, it’s an advantage to work with schools with complementary strength. This is for the benefit for Taiwanese students. 
There are about 60,000 students and faculty in NTU System that mutually share the resources of the libraries, computers, internet, discounts, shuttle buses and meeting rooms. Students can take classes in three schools. In the future, it’s possible that teachers can teach in the three universities. NTU System actively held oversea recruitment in Malaysia and Indonesia, hoping to attract outstanding students to Taiwan. The oversea office of recruitment center of NTU System is under discussion. 
To embrace more talented oversea students, in the academic year of 2017, NTU System held an oversea recruitment. The brochure will be released in October, that’s when enrollment will start. NTU offered 188 spots, NTNU has 48 spots while NTUST has 42 spots. National Yunlin University of Science and Technology and National Formosa University will open up 356 spots. 
President of NTUST, Liao Ching Jong, says that they wishes to find the best oversea students. In the past, NTU has recruited some outstanding from Malaysia, NTNU has some outstanding from Vietnam and NTUST attracted Indonesian students. With joint force of the three universities, we can achieve the best outcome.