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Collaborating with U. of British Columbia on Academic Leadership Development

National Taiwan Normal University and the University of British Columbia have worked together for the program for academic leaders in higher education. The first event, the Flying Geese Camp: Academic Leadership Development Program has made its debut on September 23rd and 24th. This is the brand new event designed for new academic leaders.
The name of the event in Chinese, Flying Geese Camp, is derived from the flying-geese model. Geese has to fly long distances every year, when every goose flap their wings together and fly in v shaped formation, they can help each other and save energy. When the leading geese feels tires, other geese can be the lead. We hope that through this event, attendants can learn from each other, which is a positive thing for the development of the department.
NTNU signed an MOU of Academic Leadership Development Program in Higher Education with the century old University of British Columbia on March 22nd. The University of British Columbia is experienced in the training and motivating academic leaders
The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor Blye Frank, signed the MOU with the Dean of College of Education. A series of motivating activities and courses which prepares and supports academic leaders in their roles will be included for the heads of University offices. After taking the current development of higher education in Taiwan and the experience of UBC into account, we designed the flying geese camp.
It’s hoped that other universities in Taiwan or even other Asian universities will be interested to held similar actives.
The Flying Geese Camp resulted from dozens of meetings from both schools. We have learnt from the experienced UBC and ask five professors who have been leaders in administration units. We hope that this event can help cultivate the leading, managing ability of academic leaders, more universities can follow suit to make the higher education in Taiwan or in Asia better.