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Yen Chun Chieh led 6 students and won 6 awards in Japan

Full time Assistant Professor of Music Department, Yen Chun Chieh, led six young pianists to Japan for the 5th International Young Pianist Competition and won six top prizes with 720,000 Japanese yen.
Six of his students won the top prize in Japane. Lu Kuan Ting won the first prize of the open group and grabbed 500,000 yen, Lin Chuen Yu got the first prize at the youth group, Yeh Chen Hsun won the top prize at the children’s group. Liang Yung Huei and Hsu Chin Tung won the second and third prize at the youth group. Chen Yo Lin was ranked number three.
Professor Yen said that he had taught Lu when she was studying her master degree, she won the first prize of Taiwan, later she won the first prize at Taipei Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition. Now Lu is pursuing her doctoral degree at Stttgart, Germany.
Lin is now a junior student in Music department. He has been worrying that such a talented student can’t been seen onstage. Now Lin wins and he is truly happy for her. Liang is now a senior high school student. Yen has taught her for 6 years and Liang is the youngest participant in the youth group.
Yen said that he is one of the judges in the competition. There are many talented people in Taiwan and he hopes that everyone can work harder to make Taiwanese musicians heard.