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Aim for the Top University Exhibition

There was an evaluation for the “Aim for the Top University” project led by the Ministry of Education took place on October 3rd. A number of evaluation members visited the booth of various fields and they are all positive about the huge success, especially in the field of sports science, all the members are impressed.
Former president of National Taiwan University, Chen Wei Cho , former Minister of Education Huang Jong Tsun and other 20 members of the evaluation committee came to NTNU, accompanied by Vice-President Cheng Chih Fu, Wu Cheng Chih and Sung Yao Ting. They went to the Chung Chang Hall to visit the results of Chinese language and science and technology research, educational research, sports science research, and other fields. It’s a proof that NTNU has transferred and transformed in this project. 
The first one was the Chinese Language and Technology Research Center, one of the core of the project. The faculty first demonstrated the results of Chinese language teaching and research in recent years; including the use of innovative eye movement technology to re-test the Chinese statement 2 language learning theory, they also founded the most complete academic Chinese character parts and strokes glyphs database, it has the potential to become the world’s strong base of Chinese Character Research.
The field of sports science display tester, smart shoes that prevents sports injuries, and they also lists some outstanding achievements in recent years, including the contract with NIKE. We are the only university that signs the contract in Taiwan, and they signed up with only 3 schools in Asia. 
A foreign student from Poland named Summer is a typical foreign beauty. She was deeply fascinated by Chinese culture. After 4 year study in the Chinese Department, she was accepted to the graduate Institute of performing arts. She demonstrated calligraphy.
The evaluation committee also visited the Science Education and Research Center, located in the Science and Education Building. The center is headed by Prof. Chang, and seven advanced laboratories have been set up, including virtual and augmented reality, face recognition, eye movement analysis. Technology Eye Movement Lab and so on. In the laboratory, they simulate the situation of shooting that involves very sophisticated moves, the members are really impressed.
Most of the members are highly appreciative of the input and effectiveness of the top programs at NTNU. One even said that the "positioning" of the top universities should be considered. The most important issue in the future is to be continuously outstanding without losing the original features.