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Sharing of the Internship Program at Chinese Taipei School Penang


There are many ways you can choose to spend your summer vacation, some choose to work to make money, some go travelling, and a group of NTNU students and teachers go on an adventurous journey of learning at Chinese Taipei School Penang. They not only gain experience in teaching but also learn from a different and exotic culture.
This year is the 4th Overseas Teaching Internship Program. Professor Huang Jia Li from the Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service will select a number of outstanding students from different departments for a 35-day field teaching practice during summer vacation. The preparatory period start from May and a series of trainings, meetings, and course ends until the end of August.
New elements are added to the teaching practice - participation, activities with the help of teaching aids, is the key to success. In addition to the basic courses, mathematics courses like casinos, economic board games, physical education like folk dance, first aid bandage lesson in health and wellness class, psychology, career planning, physical and chemical experiments are all provided.
The coordinator of the group, Chen Yu You think that the idealized course planning resulted from lack of experience was one of the big challenges. After several trial and error and learn from the experienced ones, they got to overcome this problem. She hopes that younger students can be brave to try and don’t be afraid of their own limits. 
At the presentation, members shared with us the experience traveling and living in Malaysia such as acclimatized, cultural differences, local religious beliefs, different food tastes, and even supermarkets are full of surprises.
Personal career planning, vision, teaching ability and teaching quality enhancement, "international and cross-cultural understanding" should be integrated into the classroom. Professor Wang Chin Chueh said that this is what Taiwan, as an island country, need. Professor Huang hopes that more outstanding, enthusiastic students can participate in this teaching practice in the future.