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Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City Paid Visit to NTNU

Vice President Prof. Anh Duc DUONG from Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City paid a visit to NTNU with the accompany of Chen Kuo-Chen from Department of Internaional and Corss-strait Education and her assistant. Vice President Wu greeted the guests and both sides discussed about future cooperation.
Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the two largest national universities in Vietnam. The university now provides undergraduate and graduate education to 35,391 students. VNUHCM resulted from a merger of nine universities in 1995, including a medical school and a high school. 
In July 2012, NTNU became sister schools with VNUHCM and NTNU has been recruiting students to go to Taiwan to study master and doctoral degree. Last year, President Chang also led a delegation to Vietnam to understand Local higher education situation, hoping to increase and deepen exchange and cooperation in Vietnam.
During the meeting, Vice President Prof. Anh Duc Duong introduced their university and hoped to have a deeper cooperation with NTNU. Prof. Duong said that around 30% of their students from high school study abroad. 
Vice President Wu said that we very welcome Vietnamese students to study in Taiwan. At the moment, a lot of Vietnamese students are studying here. Dean of the College of Physics Chen Kwun Min and Director Liu Hsiang Lin also said that Vietnamese students work hard in classrooms as well as in researching. They are very happy and looking forward to the future of more Vietnamese students coming to NTNU. During the visit, they also visited the Mandarin Training Center and was received by Deputy Director Chang Li Ping and Du Chao Mei so that the guests could have a better understanding of our Mandarin teaching. Both parties are looking forward to a deeper cooperation in the future.