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NTNU Goes to Malaysia Recruiting Students

In respond to the New Southbound Policy, the higher education of Taiwan is actively looking for great students. Five Presidents from top Universities of NTU system and Yunlin Universities worked together and went to Kuala Lumper, Malaysia from November 4th to 6th and held 3 orientations. Around 356 spots are open for South East Asian students who are interested in the nice teaching quality Taiwan offers. 
In order to strengthen the internationalization of schools, the universities have shifted their focus to Southeast Asia in recent years. There are 7.1 million overseas Chinese in Malaysia who have kept the Chinese language and culture. They are the source of overseas students studying Taiwan and makes Malaysia the preferred market for admission.
Different from the traditional way of recruiting with examination results, the 5 schools accept application. The student don’t have to worry about their Chinese language ability, as long as he or she gets recommendation from the school principal to prove their ability and enthusiasm to learn, they will have the opportunity to study in this five universities in Taiwan. More than 1,500 people have enrolled. 
According to President Chang, they found a strong demand for studying in Taiwan. However, the local Chinese language school teachers would like to take up on-the-job training but could not go to Taiwan for a long time due to their work. Thus, NTNU plans to develop an on line course for on-the-job students, who can attend classes remotely and come to classes in Taiwan during summer and winter vacations.
This time, the faculties also visited University of Malaya, which was ranked the second in Malaysian University, hoping to gain mutual understanding. Mohd Amin Bin Jalaludin, the president of the University of Malaya, said that he had traveled to different places in Taiwan and recognizes Taiwan as his second home. He is positive about Malaysian coming Taiwan to exchange, where students can learn new concepts in new fields. He also welcomes Taiwanese students to go to the University of Malaya.
In addition to the orientations for admission, the principals also visited the famous University of Malaysia and exchanged views with President Mohd Amin Bin Jalaludin and the students. On the evening of November 4, Ambassador James Chi-ping CHANG came to the evening gathering, many presidents from famous local universities and representatives were also at the scene. They have offered some substantive cooperation and recommendations. The principals also participated in the annual NTU Night in Kuala Lumpur to promote further exchanges and cooperation opportunities between Taiwan and Malaysia. The delegation returned to Taiwan on November 6th.