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Yonsei University Visited NTNU

On December 13th, Prof. Suh Hong Won, Mr. Jung, Dae Shik and Mr. Choi, Jun Woo from the International Campus Education Complex of Yonsei University came to NTNU. Yu Kuang Chao, Director of the Office of International Affairs, Prof. Chu Wo Hsin from the Department of Chinese as a Second language and senior administrator Wang Cha Yu received them and they have a delightful meeting.

In November 2016, the senior administrator team of NTNU have visited Yonsei University and the International Campus Education Complex. Both schools have been interacting very frequently. Prof. Suh said that Yonsei University has 8 sister schools in Taiwan and they hope to have more in-depth activities with NTNU. The Education Complex was set up in 2015 with an aim to recruit foreign students and teach them Korean. They hope that their students can come to NTNU to do their practicum in Korean teaching.

Director Yu said that NTNU very welcomes students from Yonsei University. According to Dean Chen, there are many similarities shared between the Mandarin teaching department and Education Complex, who both teach second foreign language.

After formal discussion, the NTNU Ambassador introduced the campus for the guests, who visited the Mandarin Learning Center. Director Shen Yung Cheng and Leader Fang Shu Hua received the guests from Korea. Leader Fang said that they have much to learn from Education Complex and hope to visit in person next year. Prof. Suh hopes that more and more NTNU students can visit or exchange in Korea.