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Urawa Girl’s High School Visit Taipei with NTNU Students

Taiwan has become the top choice of Japanese School Trip because of its location. In mid-December, Urawa Girl’s High School student arrived in Taiwan for a 4 day study tour. One of the day was planned by students of Geography Department who want to show Japanese students the charming Taipei. 
This is the first big oversea tour for Urawa Girl’s High School. Students major in Geographic voluntarily helped the one day trip with Japanese students. 28 high school students and 16 college students attended the trip. By these field trips in small groups, they learn more about the culture of Taiwan. The topics include user friendly designs, fashionable wear and women in job. One of the teachers said that the reason they choose Taiwan is that Taiwan is a friendly place, they hope that students can know more about the destination and enjoy a meaningful school trip. 
The field trip is different from normal sightseeing itinerary, students pay visit to specific places interview people. One college student said that he spent a day walking in the department stores nearby. It’s truly an interesting experience checking so many washrooms. Another student said that through this trip, she just knew that there are so many Japanese clothing brand on the street. 
Many of the university students who participated in this one day trip enroll in the teaching program. It’s hoped that their international awareness can be strengthened and enrich the design and teaching abilities of international educational programs through similar these exchange activities.