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Alumna Wang Sue Lein Receives National Professorships

The 15th Excellent Alumni Award Receiver Wang Sue Lein was awarded the lifetime honorable award National Professorships by the Ministry of Education. Wang now serves as professor at the Department of Chemistry of National Tsing Hua University, focusing on Solid-state Inorganic Materials Chemistry and X-ray Crystallography. When speaking of her study history, Prof. Wang said that the key to success is to work hard and being down to earth. 
To encourage the academic research, raise teaching quality and research level and to promote the development of universities, the Ministry of Education set up a national lectures and academic awards. In the 20th National Professorships and 54th Academic Awards ceremony, 9 national professorships receivers and 13 academic awards receivers. The awards ceremony was presented by Vice President of the State Council Chen and Chen Chien Jen and the Political Deputy Minister of Education Chen Liang Gee. 
The Ministry of Education grants NT$ 1 million to each National Professorship holder every year for three years. The grants are allocated as the follows: a maximum of NT$ 500,000 for the personal grants to each holder of National Professorship and another prize of NT$ 500,000 for the teaching research funds, including the expenses for the assistants, operating costs, transportation, facilities and the like. As for each award winner of the Academic Award, the recipient can be granted the certificate of honor and NT$ 600,000. There are 34 case applying for the 16th National Professorship and 78 cases applying for the 56th Academic Award. Hence, all the recipients stand out of the great scholars to win this honor approved by the Ministry of Education along with their strict regulations governing the establishment of National Professorship and Academic Award. It is scheduled that by the end of this year the Ministry of Education will hold a ceremony to honor the award winners with their albums made for each to document their great academic achievements.
Professor Wang has received the National Professorships twice and now she is the Academic Awards winner. For this meaningful representation for her academic achievement, she this that the knowledge, the discovery and recreation seems simple but required hard work. In her presentation, she expressed her gratitude for the past thirty years she spend back at Taiwan. Taiwan is a place full of resources that helps keeping the research level top especially the scientific research in recent years. She also thanked the government for the support so that scholars can work hard toward their goals. Prof. Wang also call for more women scientists to join the academic field.