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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited The Special Education Center

The Special Education Center in NTNU has been the lead of special education in Taiwan. Therefore, many people in this field will pay a visit and hope to learn from them. On January 4th, the visit group from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also came to study for a day with the topic of “Supporting college students that need special education”. 
For this workshop, SEC has prepared the most experienced speakers like the Director of SEC, Pan Yu Feng, Research Development Section Chief, Wu Ting Fang, and Dr. Chen Hsiu Fen, who talked about the policy of Taiwan on the protection of physical and mental disabilities, the status of special education in Taiwan's higher education, and the design and operation of integrated campus. 
Chief Wu began with the UN Convention on the Rights and Interests of Persons with Mental Disabilities and introduced the Convention's definition and emphasis on disabilities, including diversity, autonomy, and the environmental accessibility of human rights and freedom that was emphasized in the convention. Wu also introduced Taiwan's law on the protection of the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and analyzed the policy in use, professional assessment procedures, the counseling employment service model and so on.
In the afternoon, Director Pan Yu Feng gave them a talk that analyzed the current situation of special education in Taiwan's higher education and the counseling situation of students with special needs in NTNU. He started from the organization and operation of special education and later talked about the structure. He also briefly introduced the student-centered support and counseling system in the Special Education Center, as well as the counseling process, individual support programs and a number of preparatory activities that help students to be on their own. 
The symposium was hosted by Dr. Chen Hsiu Fen and invited teachers and students from NTNU, FJU and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to share their idea