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Yen Chun Chieh Helps Bringing Great Pianists to Taiwan

The first Music Fest Perugia in Taipei will made its debut in NTNU In 2017 on February 12th to 19th. 15 great musicians will come to this event and about 180 master classes will be held. There’s also an All Star Concert and a competition for young musicians. Associate Professor Yen Chun Chieh, the art director of the event, said that the 35 students selected in the program will join the competition for young musicians and the winner will participate in the music concert with Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in National Recital Hall. 
The pianist we have are one of the best, including Prof. Jerome Lowenthal from the Juilliard School, the legendary Prof. John Perry from the U.S., Prof. Matti Raekallio from Germany and Ilana Vered, the founder of Music Fest Perugia from Israel as well as Prof. Ursula Oppens. Honorary guest lecturers of Taiwan includes Daming Zhu, Rolf-Peter Wille, Chia Wei Chung, Lina Yeh will also take part in this music feast. 
“We hope to present a really international Piano Festival here in Taiwan so that students and audience here can learn from the great pianists of this time. They don’t have to go abroad to meet the masters. I would like to start this kind of platform to bring in the education of music as well as showing the world the outstanding musicians we have in Taiwan.” said Yen. 
The Music Fest Perugia includes master classes, lectures, concerts and competitions; students come from Taiwan, the United States, Malaysia and Canada. Yen Chun Chieh said that its’ hoped that though this piano festival, students can participate in the master class and be connected to master musicians and inherit that playing method and style from the previous generation. 
The Music Fest Perugia can finally take place at NTNU, Yen appreciated the trust from the school and others. After he started to join international contests, Yen learned that classic music can be the common language understood by everyone. If Taiwan has been missing on international stage because of the political issues, he hoped that through the power of music, the music education can be seen internationally so that the world would learn the soft power of Taiwan.