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Russian Language Courses Available at NTNU

Russia is one of the world's largest economic bodies. About 250 million people speak Russian. Now, you can learn Russian at NTNU. This semester, the College of International Studies and Social Sciences will open the course called "Russian language (a) (course code-I0U0001), welcoming all the students to learn Russian. 
There are a variety of languages you can choose from in NTNU including Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Thai, etc. as well as European culture program, Japanese program and Korean program. Starting from the second semester of 2016, Lecturer Hsu Jing Yun, Doctor of Political Science of the Russian Federation State University of Moscow International Relations (MGIMO) will teach "Russian (a)" on Thursdays.
The course will include Russian alphabet, pronunciation, voice and intonation, grammar, basic vocabulary and speaking ability. (Including: introduction, location, orientation, occupation, nationality, time, diet, shopping, transportation, city, family, school, etc.), so that students can learn the basic grammar, pay attention to reading and simple Russian dialogue, a brief introduction to the history of Russia and its cultural and customs.
In addition to this, in order to improve the interaction between international and social sciences students in international and diversified societies and develop cross-cultural literacy, the college launched the "Cross-Cultural Literacy Series" course in the second semester of the 2016 academic year.