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Internalization in NTNU: More Than Exchange

Whether exchange programs or dual degree programs, which have been popular recently, they all start from Taiwan and bring students abroad. However, students who can have the opportunity to be in the program is still a minority. Their experience of learning overseas cannot be extended to other students.
As a result, more and more schools extend the practice of oversea experience from students up to teachers, departments, and even administration and teaching systems. In addition to hiring foreign professors and increasing cross-border academic exchanges, the schools also invite foreign students to study. Students who study in Taiwan can learn from different culture. 
Taiwan Normal University is one of them. According to QS World University Rankings in 2016, a total of eight universities in Taiwan are among top 400 in the world. NTNU has made the most obvious progress. In 2014, NTNU is not even close to top 400 and in 2016, the ranking moved up to 310 as the best Internationalized school. 
"We have asked each department to find a model in top universities around the world and to list what are worth learning, and to meet the criteria each year." NTNU is the first university that promotes the "benchmark model " and included in the evaluation of departments. "This is the main reason for the rapid g of the world rankings," said President Chang. 
NTNU’s foreign students come from 80 countries, and 12% of all international students choose to study in NTNU. "To be more Internationalized, the school should not only work alone but to utilize the sources available" President Chang emphasized.