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Education and Linguistic among world top 50 in QS Subject Ranking

QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2017 were announced on March 8th.A total number of 10 subjects of NTNU have entered the rankings. Education and Linguistics was ranked as 40th and 48th. The subject of education has remained top 50 for five consecutive years, which fully shows the competitiveness of NTNU.
When compared with the result of last year, mechanical engineering, physics and astronomy are new subjects of this year.
In addition to the excellent results in the field of education in the subject area of social sciences, Linguistics has made its debut in the top 50 position. The arts and humanities subject was raised to 127 from 160 and social sciences and management climbed to 243 from 275.
NTNU has made a dramatic progress in the field of Arts and Humanities. For the past 4 years, NTNU was ranked between 51 and 100 in linguistics and now it has come up to 48th. NTNU is now between 100 and 51 in modern languages and is improved by being ranked between 151 and 200 in English language & literature. This year is the first time that Art & Design was evaluated and it sits between 101 and 150.
When it comes to how each subjects score, the score of the subject of education is still 77.1. but the score of H index has risen from 79.8 to 84.3. The score of linguistics was risen from 64.2 to 69.9. The Academic reputation was improved from 65.7 to 72.6, the Employers’ reputation is risen to 51.6 and the score of H index is 64.
In respond to this, President Chang Kuo-en stated that the ranking is only a part of the mission of the school. In the future, NTNU will continue to strive to achieve even higher levels of educational and academic excellence and establish the finest campus environment for learning and research. For the benefit of society, NTNU will continue to cultivate leading talent and improve the construction of campus.
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