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Ning Xia University Visited NTNU

Secretary of Party Committee Jin Neng Ming from Ning Xia University, vice President Xie Ying Zhong, Director of Central Party School Gao Yong Xing and Director of the Communication Office Gao Gui Ying visited NTNU on 23rd of March. President Chang welcomed them in person and administrative leaders from Ning Xia University learned more about NTNU. 
Yu Kuang Chao from the Office of International Affairs, Lin Chun-Liang, Dean of the College of Arts, Liao Posen, Vice Dean of the College of Liberal Arts all came and greeted the guests. Both sides introduced their background and culture. Secretary Jin s presented the stamp that is made of a kind of precious stone from Ning Xia as well as the famous paper cutting art.
Ningxia University is a regional comprehensive university, co-administrated by Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The school was founded in 1958. In the end of 1997, Ningxia Institute of Technology and Yinchuan Normal College (including Ningxia Education College) were merged into the University. In February 2002, it was merged with Ningxia Agricultural College, and formed the new Ningxia University. Secretary Jin said that they have known NTNU for a long time and hope that both sides can exchange ideas about teaching. President Chang said that he also looks forward to future cooperation. Later, former Minister of Education, Chin Chi Wu came to the meeting and welcome the guests from China.