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Prof. Chang Chun Yen Talks about STEM in Thai

Prof. Chang Chun Yen of the National Taiwan Normal University Science Education was invited to the International Congress on Education for the 21st Century in Thailand to share about the STEM education in High Scope Program. Scholars are really interested in this topic and raised questions. 
When he talks about the new Southbound Policy, he emphasized that course taught in English is a must if we want to attract students in ASEAN or South Asia. Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the Ministry of Education of Thailand invited Porf. Chang to speak on the issue of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education in Taiwan. 
According to Chang, in the new subject science investigation in 2019 curriculum, the focus is on the process but not the theme. We encourage students to find a theme they want to discover and let them think freely. This is praised by the French because it is different from having a teacher ruling out a specific subject.  
Prof. Chang also said that three year ago, a India student wanted to study in Taiwan but there’s not much courses taught in English. This would be a barrier for foreign students. If we hope that more excellent student from ASEAN or South Asia would come to Taiwan for education, English courses are inevitable and necessary.