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Green University Forum for a Greener Campus

Green University Union of Taiwan started in 2013. NTNU being the first initiator was commissioned by the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan to establish the Northern Environmental Education Regional Center in 2014. On April 27th, NTNU held a forum about "Environmental Experience Education on Campus: Energy Literacy "and invited members of Green University Union to exchange ideas and discuss.
Dean of General Affairs Hsu Ho Chieh, Secretary General Lin An Pan and Chairman of the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education Yeh Shin Cheng joined the forum and shared their experiences on green office, energy literacy on campus. Taipei Medical University, National Taipei University of Business , Soochow University, Datong University all came to the meeting.
Secretary General Lin first talked about the green office in NTNU. NTNU issued the promotion of energy saving in 2010, after recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the models of green university. In 2014, the indicators of green office were set and the Office was completed in 2015. In 2016, a self-evaluation and professional inspection took place focusing on first administrative level units.
There are four simultaneous on the evaluation of green office, including energy saving, environmental college, creative methods. For example, whether the officer worker uses reusable containers, take transportation commuting and the number of plants in office.
Prof. Yeh talked about the investigation of energy literacy on campus. He phrased on the history of green plants and how green universities look like. For example, the sustainability office of UBC and Yale Sustainable Food Program. Prof. Yeh thinks that if students are Concerned about energy, they are the lack of the knowledge of being energy saving person and do not implement the knowledge into daily lives. The university should provide more information for students to understand how green campus can be achieved. By people and example, Literacy can be improved