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International Reporters of Universiade Visited NTNU

The 2017 Summer Universiade has begun in Taipei. Many NTNU students take part in the games and the stadium is one of the official venue. On August 21st, a group of International reporters visited NTNU. Vice President Wu Cheng Chih, Dean of College of Sports and Recreation, Chi Li Kang, Associate Vice President of the Office of International Affairs, Huang Chi Yo, Chairman Tan Tien-Chin of the Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality, Chairman Lin Mei Chun of the Department of Physical Education and other professors welcomed the guests. Secretary Chen Tzu Show and Lin Ming Chun from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the group tour as well. 
In the introduction of the Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality, the guests are impressed that NTNU was ranked 4th in the field of sports and was higher than that of Seoul National University and Sydney University. The Institute is home to many outstanding athletes. 
There was a delightful atmosphere in the Q&A session. Many guests are curious about the sport education in Taiwan from elementary to university level. They even discussed how popular physical activity is in Taiwan, the access of good sport fields, and frequency of exercising of female and son on. Vice President Wu, Dean Chi and professors of Dept. of Physic Education all answered the questions in a calm manner. The guests know more about the sports activates in Taiwan and learned from faculties of NTNU. 
One reporters mentioned that in some countries, there’s a certain kind of sports supported by the nation, like soccer. What is it like in Taiwan? In response, Dean Chi said that there aren’t as many professional sports clubs as those in Europe, most athletes are trained at school. We have a special group of classes that are for athletes to fit their training schedule.  
The list guests who came to NTNU includes Christopher John Fuchs from, Mark Gerard Kenny from Fairfax, Pathomphong Khongnamchok from Khaosod, Fujihara Sho from Sankei, Saumo Jyoti Singha Choudhury from PTI. 
The 2017 Summer Universiade is not only about sports. With this visit of NTNU, people around the world can know more about why Taiwan is capable of hosting universiade and the physical education in Taiwan.