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Dept. of Physical Education of Hanyang University Connected to NTNU

The leader in physical education, the Department of Physical Education of NTNU, signed a MOU with Hanyang University. Chairman Lin Mei Chun visited Hanyang University in June 10th and attended the signing ceremony. On August 16th, Prof. Park from the Department of Physical Education came to NTNU and signed for the renamed appendix. 
Hanyang University is one of the leading private research universities of South Korea, especially in the field of engineering. The main campus is in Seoul, and its branch, the Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan, or ERICA campus, is located in Ansan. The university was established as an engineering institute (DongA Engineering Institute) in 1939, and became the founding facility of Hanyang University with its motto and educational philosophy of Love in Deed and Truth. Hanyang University enrolls over 2,000 foreign students each year and more than 3,000 students study abroad annually, and counts its 647 partner universities in 68 countries.
Since Prof. Park’s first visit to NTNU in January of 2016, he is interested in connecting the two departments. After months of work and communication, the Department of Physical Education of Hanyang University is now officially one of the sister departments of NTNU. 
Prof. Park came to Taiwan for the Seminar held by Taiwan Body Culture Society in August 16th and came to NTNU. Chairman Lin welcomed him personally and greeted him. Prof. Park prepared exquisite souvenir from Hanyang University and Chairman Lin gave him Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor as present, hoping that the connection of two departments can be as nice as the liquor.