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Bronze for Women’s Basketball Team at 2017 Universiade

The Chinese Taipei Women basketball team member Wang Wei Ling, Huang Hsiang Ting and Chen,Yen Yu are from the Department of Athletic Performance, NTNU. On August 28th, the team earned a bronze medal against Russian team 81-66 whose players are 2 meters tall. With the cheering voice of thousands of supporters, the players shook their shoulders dancing in the field with great joy.
Wang, scored 15 and rebounded 8 times, said that it was her idea to dance. When they were trained in South Korea, she saw the dance and liked the idea of a team dancing together. They decided to dance a day before the game that if they win, they will dance for fans to show appreciation of their support.
The pool was filled with supporters of Chinese Taipei Team. Some even came to Taipei Arena a day before and waited in line. The audience was impressed by the great performance at that night.
Three of their opponents are over 190 cm tall, and the Russians were on the upper hand in the first game ended in 16-15. In the second round, they have beaten up the Taiwanese athletes by 18-0. After a short pause, the score changed dramatically to 17-2. Point guard Chen alone scored 15 points in the third period and Chinese Taipei grabbed the lead. Over 11,000 audiences made loud noise cheering for their beloved athletes.
Chen was nicknamed "Ferrari" because of her high speed. She contributed 34 points in total and said that although the team was left behind in the first half, the coach said that he has faith in us, and they didn't let the coach down.
The Chinese Taipei women's basketball team won a silver at 2011 Shenzhen Universiade. This year, they get a bronze at home. Wang said that they learn from failure.