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Pre-service Teachers Visited Singapore 5 Weeks with Horizons Broaden

The Ministry of Education granted NTNU for the program of “Foreign Internship for College of Teacher’s training”. Associate Professor Lin Tzu Bin was the program manager of the selection progress that sent 12 outstanding pre-service teachers to Nanyang Junior College and National Institute of Education. 
12 pre-service teachers in this visiting group come from 5 departments. They started a 5-week internship program since July 3rd to August 4th in NYJC, Montfort Secondary School, Mayflower Secondary School, Yishun Town Secondary School and Bowen Secondary School. They observed the teacher's performance and demonstrated teaching. The principal of Nanyang Junior College arranged a visit for the students to Manjusri Secondary School and Maha Bodhi School so that they can have a better understanding of education in Singapore in different ages. 
With the cooperation between NTNU, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Junior College,  pre-service teachers can visit educational institutes, demonstrate teaching, interview students and teachers and attend workshops to know more about education in Singapore. In Singapore, assessments are designed to cultivate the ability of students to think independently and critically. In the workshop,  pre-service teachers can talk about the what differentiated instruction and student based education is like in Taiwan and the challenges faced. 
Mentors are assigned to pre-service teachers during the visit, and they are positive about NTNU students. Principal Low Chun Meng of Nanyang Junior College shared his ideas of running a school. In addition to teaching, students should education student with a global vision in an international world. How to teach students to manage time and pressure well as well as being powerful is important to teachers.