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Alumni Chen Chien Chen Joined the V.League in Japan

Chen Chien Chen, who have wanted to play in Japan, went to China in 2015 after his contract with Mizuno Men’s Volleyball Team as one of the first Taiwanese players that challenged the Chinese Volleyball League. His skills have sharpened in the last two years. Chen played in games like Universiade, Asian Championship and Volleyball World League. Now, the 28-year-old pro volleyball player finally joined the V.League in Japan. 
After graduated from NTNU, Chen has been thinking about playing in Japan. However, no one has ever played in Japan so he has to go step by step. Chen said that he has learned a lot in China in the past two years. A player has to be fierce and active in China because of the height of fellow players. In 2015 Gwangju Universiade, the Chinese Volleyball League has made a record of ranked in 4 and a championship in 2015 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship. Chen has played in a number of games and was seen internationally. This year, his contract ended so he can prepare for going to Japan. 
He joined the Voreas Hokkaido on September 11th. Eight months of sport season awaits him and he has to adjust to a foreign language and climate. Chen will fight with his spirit and turn a new page for the players in Men’s Volleyball Team.