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NTNU and National Defense University to Train Army Interpreters

To train professional army interpreters, National Defense University signed an agreement with NTNU for 'Army Interpretation of International Program of Institute for National Strategic Studies'. The courses will be taught by teachers from the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation. On the signing ceremony, President Chang Kuo En said that both universities have been home to military elites and educational elites. With this cooperation, they can find more talent together.
Vice Minister of National Defense Pu Tze Chun said that the goal is to train interpreters that can be put on track.
Pu pointed out that in the past, National Defense has put efforts in training language specialist, but they are still in short of interpreters that have the knowledge of military strategy. This is why National Defense University starts this program for interpreters and hope that those from the program can work at military drills and meetings with foreign guests. He wanted to thank NTNU for the support.
The Chairman of GITI, Chen Tze Wei, said that there are only 5 students in the first class of the program. They have worked in several occasions as interpreters but realized that they need to work on the skill. The students hope that they can be better interpreters after the training program. Chen said that the students are highly motivated and ambitious.
Chen said that the students have gotten high scores in TOEFL. The courses will be conducted in small groups. Outstanding alumni of GITI will also teach at this program.
President Chang Kuo En mentioned GITI is home to many professional interpreters. This year, many alumni and students from GITI participated in the translator group in Taipei Universiade. President Chang hopes that GITI will have a brighter future with National Defense University.